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Hi I'm Syerra, a personal branding, portrait and events photographer. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland but, by marriage, made my way to good ole' Saint Louis, MO. I spend most of my days working with kids and teens with my 9-5 gig, but I love to get behind the lens during my time off where I am passionate about capturing cherished moments and capturing amazing brands.

I spend my free time reading some great books with my book club, strolling through the isles of Hobby Lobby & At Home, trying new cuisine at different restaurants and traveling. Most Sundays you will find me worshipping, growing, and even capturing some photos at One Family Church.

My photography sessions are about capturing those cherished moments for them to last a lifetime for my clients.I enter people's spaces and create emotional connections with them. By having conversations, I discover that I can get my clients to almost 'forget' the camera and think of me as their friend while shooting great memories. Each session is suppose to tell a story and I would be delighted to tell yours. Shoot me an email, give me a call, we can even meet for coffee to discuss how I can tell your story.


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